Legio VII - Victrix (Honor, Valor, Victory)

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The vanguard of the Roman legions in Britannia.

Legio septima Victrix ("Victorious Seventh Legion") was a legion of the Imperial Roman army. Its emblem, like that of all Caesar's legions, was the bull, together with the lion.[citation needed]

The Seventh, the Sixth, the Eighth and the Ninth were all founded by Pompey in Spain in 65 BC.[1] With the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth legions, the Seventh was among the oldest units in the imperial Roman army. They were ordered to Cisalpine Gaul around 58 BC by Julius Caesar,[citation needed] and marched with him throughout the entire Gallic Wars. The Roman commander mentions the Seventh in his account of the battle against the Nervians, and it seems that it was employed during the expedition through western Gaul led by Caesar's deputy Crassus. In 56, the Seventh was present during the Venetic campaign. During the crisis caused by Vercingetorix, it fought in the neighborhood of Lutetia; it must have been active at Alesia and it was certainly involved in the mopping-up operations among the Bellovaci.

Legio VII was one of the two legions used in Caesar's invasions of Britain, and played a crucial role in the Battle of Pharsalus in 48 BC, and it existed at least until the end of the 4th century, guarding the middle Danube.


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  • Operates out of Clausentum (Home base) - Weight: 5 |
  • Located in Rome (Default) - Weight: 5 |





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  • Legio X - Equistris - Competing and jealous of Legio VII - Victrix (They call themselves honourable) - Weight: 7 |
  • Quintus Sabinus - Legate of Legio VII - Victrix (Commanding Officer) - Weight: 6 |
  • Kaeso Messor - Ally Legio VII - Victrix (Kaeso is a veteran of the 7th) - Weight: 6 |
  • Marcus Crassus Jr. - Member of Legio VII - Victrix (Tribune) - Weight: 5 |
  • Logos of Ios - Member of Legio VII - Victrix (Mercenary Necromancer) - Weight: 1 |


Legio VII - Victrix has no personal relationships.

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