Man with no name (Spy)

Created by lazypapertiger


A loyal member of Imperial Intelligence recruited by Sir Daniel Hogwarth.

On a previous mission he was sent to disrupt a Guild experiment and became exposed to a Realm of Fog artifact. As a result he is now able to wrap himself in Fog and become unseen. Comments from his handler now makes him wonder if that was the goal of the mission all along. He reported the artifact as lost - but it current resides in the basement of his safe house.


  • Type: Character



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  • Crewman James Norrington (Officer! Stay out of sight.) - Weight: D8 |
  • Pawn Surata Watts (Appears to be an innocent pawn of limited power.) - Weight: D4 |
  • Useful Dougal Strahm (Befriended as a useful source of information.) - Weight: D4 |
  • Person of Interest Doc Clock (I know his work.) - Weight: D4 |
  • Has log book Black Dove (sunken) (Shady, Reflection) - Weight: 2D8 |
  • Handler Sir Daniel Hogwarth (Investigation, Security) - Weight: 2D4 |
  • Owns Safehouse (Protect, Safe) - Weight: 2D10 |


Man with no name has no organizational relationships.


  • James Norrington - Crewman Man with no name (Impressive technique!) - Weight: D4 |
  • Surata Watts - Watches Man with no name (I should pay attention to him.) - Weight: D4 |
  • Dougal Strahm - Shipmates Man with no name (He has a code... I've no idea what.) - Weight: D4 |
  • Sir Daniel Hogwarth - My agent Man with no name (Use as double agent) - Weight: - |

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