James Norrington (Ship Commander)

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James descends from a minor noble family. He was a childhood friend of Florence Cormorant and their friendship has blossomed into something more. He believes that her father is likely to accept his suite should he Captain his own ship and so has dedicated his career to that end.

His family pulled strings to have him serve on the Griffen as a midshipman at an early age. It was there that he first met Dougal, Florence's half brother. The experience stood him above his peers and on graduation from the academy he obtained a post as a Lieutenant on the Black Dove under Captain Smythe.

Before the journey he introduced the Captain to Florence - a mistake that he now bitterly regrets. This was probably a dark omen as the tour of duty eventually lead to the Black Dove sinking with many hands lost.


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James Norrington has no organizational relationships.


  • Florences BFF Surata Watts (Can improve the guild, should she take the chance.) - Weight: D8 |
  • Potential Ally Dougal Strahm (Keep him sweet, potential ally) - Weight: D8 |
  • Crewman Man with no name (Impressive technique!) - Weight: D4 |
  • Dangerous nutcase Doc Clock (Is a dangerous nutcase.) - Weight: D4 |
  • Childhood Sweetheart Florence (Admire her free spirit, but am worried for her safety.) - Weight: D12 |
  • Former Captain Captain Smythe (Courage, Tactics) - Weight: 2D6 |
  • Works for Admiralty House (Inspiration, Resources) - Weight: 2D6 |
  • Home James Norrington's Home (Comfort, Restoration) - Weight: 2D4 |


James Norrington has no organizational relationships.


  • Man with no name - Crewman James Norrington (Officer! Stay out of sight.) - Weight: D8 |
  • India Watts - Gave first post. James Norrington (His father owes me favours.) - Weight: D6 |
  • Surata Watts - Florence's Sweetheart James Norrington (If she finds him worthy, it's enough.) - Weight: D4 |

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