Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (Bodyguard / Face man)

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Nickname: Tiny
Compared to other species, who he towers over, his nickname is considered ironic. Because he is considerably skinnier than the average troll, they consider his nickname to be descriptive.

  • Height: 8 ft 6 in (2.59m)
  • Weight: 502 lbs (228 kg)
  • Body type: lean weightlifter

Born to a poor lower class family. Did well in school and was (and is) a notorious charmer (omnisexual). Earned a reputation as a good street fighter. Became a bodyguard. Worked for big corporations. Learned to lie, cheat, swindle, persuade, and intimidate. Got to know corporate bigwigs and the rich and famous. After not even being thanked for saving his employers' lives, he got into an argument with his boss. HR sent him to anger management training, where he met several other trolls. This resulted in Troll Pride and the founding of Medi-Valk.


  • Type: Character


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  • Tom deVito - Ally Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (saved his life from a mob hit) - Weight: 5 |
  • Mags "Momma" Ivanov - Momma to Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (That's my boy) - Weight: 5 |

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Game Stats:

Character: Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov

Archetype: Troll Face

  • Source: Genetic / Tech
  • Permissions: Power Theme [Troll]
  • Loyalty: Troll Pride 3
  • Passion: Social Status 4

Stats [80 pts]

  • Body 5d
  • Coordination 2d
  • Sense 2d
  • Mind 3d
  • Charm 4d
  • Command 2d
  • Base Will: 6
  • Willpower: 6+5+2+4

Skills [58 pts]

  • Block 7d
  • Brawling 7d
  • Small Arms 6d+1wd (right eye implant)
  • Empathy 4d+1wd (left eye implant)
  • Computer 6d
  • Streetwise 6d
  • Language: Spanish/Mexican 5d
  • Knowledge: Professional Bodyguarding 5d
  • Knowledge: Area Knowledge: Las Vegas Metro 5d
  • Con 5d+1d (pheromones)
  • Persuasion 8d+1d (pheromones)
  • Intimidation 4d
  • Stability 3d+1d (synthetic adrenal gland)
  • Contacts: Corporate 5d
  • Contacts: Rich & Famous 5d
  • Wealth 2d

Powers [13 pts]

  • Bioware: Pheromone enhancer Hyperstat: Charm, Flaws: If/Then: proximity and olfactory triggers -1. +1d

  • Bioware: Synthetic adrenal gland Hyperskill: Stability +1d

  • Cyberware: Optical nerve graft Left eye, body language analyzing software, Hyperskill: Empathy, Extras: On-sight, Flaws: Essence Cost -1 +1wd

  • Cyberware: Optical nerve graft Right eye, smart-link targeting and wired reflexes, Hyperskill: Small arms, Extras: Go First +1 (Threat Prediction Level 1), Flaws: Essence Cost -1 +1wd Effect: You have a cybernetic implant with a targeting computer linked to skillsofts and synthetic nerve fibers in both of your arms. This suite of enhancements adds +1wd to your small arms and counts as additional die in width to determine order of initiative.

  • Cyberware: Comlink Capacity: Range. Extras: Booster +3, Permanent +4. Flaws: Focus -1, Adaptation (Matrix Access) -2, Environment Bound -1, Locational (head) -1, Self Only -3

Troll Template [26 pts]

  • Source: Genetic
  • Intrinsic Flaws: Frightening, Limited Ability: Charm, Mind (maximum 4)
  • Troll-Sized 2hd (DUU; 5/die), Useful (Big) Extras and Flaws: Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Always On -1. Capacities: Self, Defends (Light Armor) Extras & Flaws: Permanent +4, Attached to Big -2, Armored Defense -2, Always On -1, Limited Width -1. Capacities: Self Useful (Extra Tough) Extras & Flaws: Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Attached to Big -2, Self-Only -3, Always On -1. Capacities: Self. The character is a troll. This massive character is 2.5m tall, weighs around 300kg, has 2 extra boxes per hit location and 1 LAR in each location (reducing shock damage to 1pt and changing 1 killing damage to shock).
  • Hyperstat: Body 2d (4/die) Trolls are physically powerful and add 2d to their body. This can increase body to a maximum of 7.
  • Thermographic Vision 2hd (U; 1/die) Useful Extras and Flaws: Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Always On -1, Only in Darkness -1. Capacities: Range. Trolls can see heat signatures and temperature differences in the environment. This effectively lets them see in the dark.

Combat Info:


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2 x Heavy Pistols (stainless IMI .44 Mag Desert Eagle with extended Troll-sized grip, 12 rd magazines and smart-link targeting) 6d+1wd (W in SK +2K) Barnett TSAR 6d+1wd (.50 bmg = W+2s+4k + spray) Hand tailored Italian silk suit with ballistic mesh lining (LAR 2+1 from Troll) Suzuki Intruder M1800R Custom motorcycle


* Earned: 3 / Remaining: 1 * Spent: 2 * Small Arms from 3d > 4d [Skills +2 pts] ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on Oct. 4, 2017, 12:12 p.m.

+ Starting: 6 + Earned: 2+5+4 + Spent: none ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on Oct. 4, 2017, 12:05 p.m.

Want List
- Add Spray +1 (Rapid Target Acquisition RTA Level 1) to Cyberware: Optic nerve graft right eye - [Done] Increase Small Arms from 3d to 4d bought for 2 XP - Add skill Pilot (Ground Vehicle) (coord skill) - Add skill Stealth (coord skill) - Increase ... ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on Oct. 10, 2017, 5:08 p.m.


2 x Desert Eagle .44 Mag

Barnett Troll Scale Assault Rifle

Ivan's motorcycle



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