Abigail J. Arch (Ex-op and Oathkeeper)

Created by blaise


By Alley Viper:

I knew her as the scruffy little girl that would follow around when I was in high school. She must be 7 years younger than me. My mom called her my sidekick. I called her a pain. She was fucking relentless, and wouldn't listen.

When I came back home fIve years ago to open the fighting arena (and prowl the streets to take down criminals), she came knocking at my door looking to learn to fight back. I spent most evenings training her. What I didn't know was that she spent her days training at the police academy.

Once I found out, I tried to convince her to drop out. I told her that All cops are corrupt and The ones aren't, end up dead. She wouldn't listen. I knew where this was headed; Trouble… Relentless trouble.

Things got more complicated after she graduated. She joined the Bronx precinct PD, and was placed on viper patrol. This was where they put newbies suspected of being incorruptible, as a way to keep them busy on a fool's errand.

That meant that I would find myself face to face with my protege on a regular basis. Sometimes we were on opposite sides of the conflict, but other times, we’d have each other's back. I don't think she knows, but she definitely suspects something.


Force d6, Guile d6, Ingenuity d6, Grace d6, Will d6


  • Ex-cop Vigilante
  • Fucking Relentless
  • Mysterious Benefactor

Power Sets

Oathkeeper Kit & Training
  • Weapons d6
  • Armour d6
  • Comms d6

SFX: Superb Training: in a pool with an Oathkeeper Kit and Training power, replace two dice of the same size with a single stepped up die.

Limit: Gear


Combat Expert d8, Covert Training d6, Cŕime Training d6, Psych Training d6


  • Type: Character


  • Abigail J. Arch has no faction relationships.


  • Operates in The Zoo (There are good people here) - Weight: d8 |


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  • Member of Oathkeepers (We're not leaving our city) - Weight: D8 |


  • Old friend and student of Alley Viper (My big brother) - Weight: D8 |


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Abigail J. Arch has no personal relationships.

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