The Void War (Enigma)

Created by christopherallison


The system is still recovering from the Void War. As humans expanded throughout the Sol system, artificial intelligence and enhanced and biologically integrated computer systems become absolutely indispensable. Although humans did not yet possess the technology for arti-morph sleeves at the time, humans, especially those in the inner system colonies and outposts, made extensive use of cybernetic technology, particularly involving the attainment and storage of information in human bodies.

It is called the Void War because no one knows how it started, who started it, or even who the combatants were. This is due to the wide-spread use of cybernetics and the weaponization of data viruses, at least one of which was used to destroy knowledge of the war itself as a tactical weapon.

Earth itself was devastated, aside from isolated regions of the planet, several sub-surface oceanic settlements and a few communities that managed to become self-sufficient and either conceal their existence or cut themselves off from the data stream. Limited nuclear exchanges, nanite swarms and data plagues were used as well as more conventional weapons. The inner system colonies, outposts, mining operations and research stations, were also heavily damaged. Like the Earth itself, destruction was caused by combatants unknown.

Analysis of weapons damage seems to indicate that only human-created weapons were used, but this is not clear. In terms of human life, the inner system was sparsely populated - less than a million casualties - but the technological infrastructure was left in ruins, and all records completely absent - not only of the history of the war itself, but much of the technological. With Earth is now sparsely populated and mainly wasteland, the inner system heavily damaged and struggling, only the extremely thinly populated outer system outposts were largely untouched by the war and remain largely intact, although data systems did experience a catastrophic loss of information.

Government and corporate sponsored prospectors have scoured known colonies and outposts for any surviving records, but smaller, unknown installations are no doubt out there somewhere, on isolated asteroids, the canyons of Mars, or the oceans of Titan. Earth itself, so big and so full of enticing ruins, has received only a few hundred forays (made dangerous by rogue clouds of malfunctioning recycler nanites, nuclear fall-out, survivors and who knows what else).

The inner system colonies and outposts are still being rebuilt.

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It is not even clear how long the Void War lasted - only on Earth and the planetary could people literally count the days and nights- but other than that people relied on data systems whose clocks were affected by the data viruses. Cybernetic implants meant that much of the population literally lost years of their life - memories, time keeping, etc.


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