Kristoff Scurlock (Uplifted Fox AI Sculptor)

Created by blaise


Blaise's Fox


  • Type: Character


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  • Uplift Revolution Movement - Recruited Kristoff Scurlock (He will carry us through) - Weight: d8 |
  • Icarus Group - Altered mid-stream Kristoff Scurlock (He is key to the Daedalus phenomenon) - Weight: d8 |


  • Itaru Radic - Friend Kristoff Scurlock (Like a brother - and no one more dangerous to me.) - Weight: d6 |
  • Lucius - Associate of Kristoff Scurlock (Some uplifts just can't see what's happening) - Weight: d6 |
  • Heinrich Von Folger - Confidant of Kristoff Scurlock (His pain threatens to consume him) - Weight: d6 |
  • Jill Tremere - Mentor of Kristoff Scurlock (He'll always be there for me) - Weight: d6 |
  • Council of the Wise - Advisers of Kristoff Scurlock (He needs our knowledge) - Weight: d6 |
  • Farbright A.I. - Playing with Kristoff Scurlock (runlittlefoxrun) - Weight: d6 |
  • Ciaran Mbutu - Ally Kristoff Scurlock (The joker is wild) - Weight: d6 |
  • Little Fox - In possession of Kristoff Scurlock (AI in strange technology) - Weight: d4 |
  • Thor Bradley Rudbek "Thorby" - Ally Kristoff Scurlock (Foxes are known for their cunning, is it genetic?) - Weight: d4 |
  • Abigail Palcop - Crewmember of Kristoff Scurlock (I think he's just insane.) - Weight: d4 |

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Game Stats:

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Adaptation 1D8
Discovery 1D12
Duty 1D6
Humanity 1D6
Love 1D4
Power 1D4


  • Investigation: Rating 1D8; d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Choose to spend a scene investigating instead of taking immediate action; d8: Spend a Plot Point to Reroll an Investigator Investigation roll.
  • Telepathy: Rating: 1D4 Descriptor: custom growth bioware Limits: Artificial Intelligence, Special effects: Read another character's surface thoughts.
  • Smartass: Rating: 1D4; Earn a plot point, and give a D6 to your opponent when you're being a smartass in a dangerous situation.
  • A.I. Programming: Rating 1D6; d4: Earn a Plot Point when you Reveal you know way too much about an alien culture.

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sogladyouhaventgottenthatdamntattoo -- Farbright A.I. to Kristoff Scurlock -- Jan. 15, 2017, 2:54 a.m.

ineverletanyonesitbesidemeforlongerthantheydeserveto -- Farbright A.I. to Kristoff Scurlock -- Jan. 26, 2017, 3:19 a.m.