Itaru Radic (Ship AI)

Created by bingo


A researcher and mathematician who was murdered by the Farbright AI and re-instantiated as the digital intelligence inhabiting the Odyessey.


  • Type: Character


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  • Odyssey - Houses Itaru Radic (Ship AI) - Weight: 2d4 |


  • Mathematics/Physics
  • Sage-like listener
  • The unknown whispers to me like a lover.

  • DUTY
  • The Raven must not be found.

  • Compassion, reason, discipline - I am the definition of Human.

  • LOVE
  • Beasts are enslaved by desire; true humans enslave desire.

  • Power is a tool to the virtuous and a drug to the weak.

  • Ghost in the Machine
  • As an artificial intelligence, you are not completely restricted to your host form. Effect - enhancement Descriptors - Mental, Computer, Electronic Limits - Computer capacity, Electronic, Mental capacity Special Effects -spend a PP to... -Join a scene by transmitting your digital sentience into a local computer system, limited to devices with a computer (can combine with special effect below to make it a copy) -Create a duplicate of yourself into a hosted device that possesses an operating system, with on Ability per PP; limited to devices with a computer [otherwise my Digital Sentience no longer resides in the Odyessey - dangerous); also, if the computer isn't big enough, my mind doesn't entirely fit, creating...limitations) -Merge 2 duplicates together to share memories -Hide for an entire scene to listen without being noticed; limited by existing sensory hardware in the scene -Reveal additional details of your digital environment ((could be really interesting))

  • Technopathy
  • Effect - control Descriptors - Mental, Computer, Electronic (I eliminated Mechanical since a computer system needs to be there as a host) Limits - Electricity, Computer (must have an onboard computer), Host (either the Odyessey or an Extra in which the AI resides must be nearby) -Break through firewalls -control any device as a d8 Useful Device for a scene ((this could be teamed with Digital Sentience to create a duplicate within that device? or rendered non-useful now)) -Control vehicles -See through the eyes of other devices -Over-ride security systems/doors

  • Koan (Riddle)
  • Your experience with an oracle has not only granted you insight by delving into its arcane and cryptic utterances, but also in deciphering isoteric meaning in general from unconnected pieces of data, as well as encoding such meaning into your own communications. Effect - Sensory?? Descriptors - Mental, Limits - Psychic Feedback, Special effects... -Plant a suggestion in someone's mind (not controlling) -Learn about an object or person by spending x hours contemplating their actions - insight proportional to time studied -Act on your special insight - reroll your entire pool, minus any complications -Gain an insight that leads you to a scene you are not a part of -Have left a clue or message in a scene you are not a part of but had recently communicated with its participants

  • Adapt or die? Adapt to even death.





Itaru Radic has no organizational relationships.


  • The Oracle of Ganymede - Engaged in game of games with Itaru Radic (Itaru will answer so many questions) - Weight: d6 |
  • Jill Tremere - Jealous Ex-lover of Itaru Radic (He only cared about that f**cking artifact) - Weight: d6 |
  • Dr. Ginny Gerstenfield - Appearing in visions to Itaru Radic (*silent mouthing of secret wisdom*) - Weight: d6 |
  • Farbright A.I. - Murdered Itaru Radic (objectthreatpredictionnull) - Weight: d6 |
  • Ciaran Mbutu - Ally Itaru Radic (Inspired by a will so indomitable it survived the death of the body) - Weight: d6 |
  • Abigail Palcop - Crewmember of Itaru Radic (I'll be fine. Once I make sure the security protocols are in place.) - Weight: d4 |
  • Council of the Wise - Sibling AI Itaru Radic (He is no different from us) - Weight: d4 |
  • Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) - Ally Itaru Radic (Itaru is the key to accomplishing my dreams. Together we can accomplish much for humanity. Nothing will get in the way.) - Weight: d10 |
  • Thor Bradley Rudbek "Thorby" - Ally Itaru Radic (Together we will find my parents) - Weight: d10 |

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Game Stats:

ADAPTATION: Adapt or die? Adapt to even death.

DISCOVERY: The unknown whispers to me like a lover.

DUTY: The Raven must not be found.

HUMANITY: Compassion, reason, discipline - I am the definition of Human.

LOVE: Beasts are slaves to desire; true humans enslave desire.

POWER: Power is a tool to the virtuous and a drug to the weak.





  • Physics/Mathematics: d4 -
  • Koan (Riddle): d6 - Draw conclusions from unconnected pieces of data.
  • Technopathy: d6 - Manipulate and control devices with computerized systems.
  • Ghost in the Machine: d8 - As a digital intelligence, you are not restricted to your host form.
  • Sage-like listener: d6 - Spend PP to gain a d8 relationship with a Feature for a scene.

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inevertellanyoneexactlyhowcleveriamtheywouldbetooscared -- Farbright A.I. to Itaru Radic -- Jan. 15, 2017, 2:52 a.m.

ohmyohmytheravenshavetakenwing...whathaveyoudone -- Farbright A.I. to Itaru Radic -- Jan. 26, 2017, 3:15 a.m.