Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (The Glue That Binds)

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  • Type: Character


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  • Safe Place Research Lab (My personal retreat from the world. Where I do my most advanced precursor experiments.) - Weight: 2d6 |
  • Laid claim to Penelope (Transport, Research) - Weight: 2d4 |


  • Precursor Lore (10)
  • With aid from the powers I inherited from the explosion, I have had an advantage over many others in working with precursor artefacts.

  • Telekinesis (8)
  • Invaluable time saver when researching. Honed over time to carefully manipulate objects with incredible accuracy and precision.

  • On a Mission (8)
  • I WILL be the first human to meet the precursors.

  • Telepathy (8)
  • Powers that first appeared the night of the explosion. A psychic imprint left over from the precursor artefact.

  • Teleport
  • It all started the night of the red dress...



  • Client of Icarus Group (Worked with Doctor Mel in order to better understand what really happened when she first interacted with The Object) - Weight: d4 |
  • Annoyance Precursor Fearers (They try to get their grubby little hands on my research.) - Weight: 2 |


  • Tense Uncle John Rudbeck (Mel knows something about John. Something John doesn't want anyone to know.) - Weight: d8 |
  • Ally Ciaran Mbutu (Kept calm during a possible alien invasion for a basket case; Very Calm.) - Weight: d8 |
  • Ally Itaru Radic (Itaru is the key to accomplishing my dreams. Together we can accomplish much for humanity. Nothing will get in the way.) - Weight: d10 |
  • Ally? Thor Bradley Rudbek "Thorby" (Thorby and I could very well accomplish both of our goals. All we have to do is find that middle ground......) - Weight: d10 |
  • Ally Emelyn Heinlen-Banks (A secret Asimov agent sent to spy on me. I was correct that there is a lot more to this RA than I had thought. An ally?) - Weight: 2d8 |
  • Currently Unknown The Object (Explosion as a child gave me unknown powers and set me on my current path to find the Precursors.) - Weight: 2d6 |


  • Precursor Fearers - Seeking Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (We need her research) - Weight: d6 |


  • Dr. Lewis Frenkstein - Mentor to Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (She could by my finest work) - Weight: d8 |
  • Uncle John Rudbeck - She should stay bought Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (She knows *one* of my secrets) - Weight: d6 |
  • Ciaran Mbutu - Ally Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (If my former colleagues had this much backbone, I'd still hold my chair) - Weight: d6 |
  • Itaru Radic - Ally Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (Her obsession may destroy us all.) - Weight: d4 |
  • Abigail Palcop - Crewmember of Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (Someone needs to put a leash on this dog.) - Weight: d4 |
  • Thor Bradley Rudbek "Thorby" - Ally Doctor Mel (Melanie Thoreau) (This obsession with the Precursors could prove useful) - Weight: d10 |

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