Ste Pearce (Juvenile delinquent)

Created by krmould


Ste (short for Steven) lives with his drug-dealing brother and abusive, alcoholic father in a run-down council flat (government subsidized housing). He is physically abused by both his brother and father. He is secretly gay.


  • Type: Character


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  • Street kid out of necessity
  • Ste is a good kid at heart. He has a secret, he is gay. Growing up in the Council Flats of Regent's Park in 1980, that is a big problem. To make things worse, his father is a drunk and abusive. As a result, Ste spends as little time at home as possible.

  • Heart of gold under a prickly exterior
  • Like his mother (who died when he was young), Ste has a kind heart. To survive a tough home life and the harsh streets of Regent's Park, Ste hides his softer side beneath a hard exterior. He goes out of his way to protect the weak and innocent.

  • Son of a drunk, former boxer
  • Ste has grown up in the household of a drunk, former boxer and his drug dealer older brother (Trevor). He is skilled in deflecting, distracting and talking his father down. He has an uncanny intuition for when a situation is going to spin out of control, allowing him to escape before the shit hits the fan. He knows how to take a beating and live.

  • Emotionally distant
  • Ste's home life sucks. His mom died when he was young and his brother (Trevor) and father (Ronnie) physically abuse him. The one bright spot in his life was his (secret) boyfriend Jamie. Jamie disappeared before the Fog and no one remembers him (except for fellow adventurer James Taylor), not even Jamie's mother (Sandra). This has left Ste emotionally scarred and unable to love or trust anyone. He is starting to warm up to his fellow adventurers, but even they don't really know him yet.



  • Up and coming leader Street Kids (To be added) - Weight: 5 |


  • Associates but still developing Cesare Russo (cautious nacent friendship ) - Weight: 5 |
  • Surprising friendship James Taylor (bonded over Jamie's disappearance ) - Weight: 5 |
  • Abusive Ronnie Pearce (To be added) - Weight: 5 |
  • Evasive to hide relationship STD Riot (To be added) - Weight: 5 |
  • Dating Jamie Gangel (Lost in the Fog) - Weight: 5 |
  • Mother / leadership figure Mathongi (Maya) (anchor for a lonely teen) - Weight: 5 |
  • Cool dude Chancre (mild case of hero worship ) - Weight: 5 |


Ste Pearce has no organizational relationships.


  • James Taylor - Reluctant Ally Ste Pearce (Kid doesn't have much going for him but it appears to be my job to see ... whatever it is that Sandra sees in him, in him.) - Weight: 6 |
  • James Taylor - Reluctant Ally Ste Pearce (Kid doesn't have much going for him but it appears to be my job to see ... whatever it is that Sandra sees in him, in him.) - Weight: 6 |
  • Mathongi (Maya) - Ally Ste Pearce (Awakened together in Sanders' Warehouse) - Weight: 5 |
  • Chancre - Ally Ste Pearce (A true punk--unlike me) - Weight: 5 |
  • Percival Thorne - Ran jobs with Ste Pearce (Good 2nd story man, but a wanker) - Weight: 3 |

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Game Stats:

Character Name: Steven "Ste" Pearce

Cultural Keyword: Poor working class (13)

Community: Street Kids (13)

Occupational Keyword: Juvenile Delinquent (17 +4 extra pts = 1M)

  • Breakout: Lock Picking (+1)

  • Breakout: Hot Wiring (+1)

  • Breakout: Driving (+1)

  • Breakout: Backpack of Juvenile Larceny (+1)

  • Breakout: Second storey-man (+1)

Signature Ability (mundane): Gymnastics (1M)

  • Breakout: Climbing (+1)

Signature Ability (special power): Gravity Control (17 + 1 + 1 = 19)

  • Breakout: Sliding (+1) - (self/touch boost) floats an inch or so above the ground and by subtly influencing the angle of the gravity, can speed up and slow down

  • Breakout: Reduced Gravity (+1) - one person (touch) by reducing gravity's pull to 20%, it makes it easier to climb or jump (or fall)

  • Breakout: Increase Gravity (+1) - one person (touch) by increasing gravity's pull up to 500%, it makes it harder to move

  • Breakout: Negates gravity (+1) - one person (touch) basically puts the target into zero-G

NPC Relationship: Sandra Gangel (13)

Distinguishing Characteristic: Streetwise (17 +4 extra pts = 1M)

  • Breakout: Fast Talk (+1)

  • Breakout: Intuition (+2)

Unspent extra points: 0


  • Secretly gay (13)

  • Must wear gloves, bare skin activates powers (17)

  • Cops know me (long juvenile criminal record) (1M)

Status: Normal

Combat Info:


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Need stealth, street fighter. ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on Feb. 23, 2016, 12:46 a.m.

1. Control strength of gravity from 0 - 9G 2. Control direction of gravity (default is down, but he can make gravity pull up/down, right/left, front/back) ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 31, 2016, 2:52 a.m.

Bouncer, because he can bounce like an astronaut, and be a tough guy like at a bar ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 31, 2016, 2:53 a.m.





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