Omicron-class Shuttle (troop transport)

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The Omicron Class Shuttle was designed to deploy units of clone troopers to board an enemy vessel or to assault a hostile planetary landing zone.


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  • Armoured Assault Landing Craft
  • The Omicron-class assault shuttle was heavily armored. It was armed with a powerful tractor beam, twin turret-mounted blaster cannons. The top and bottom boarding hatches are each equipped with magnetic grapples and hull-cutting ring.

  • Specialized for Ship Boarding
  • In a standard operation, an Omicron-class assault shuttle would pull up near an enemy ship and take hold of it with its tractor beam. It would attach itself to the vessel with its magnetic grapples and deploy its hull-cutting ring. The clone troopers would then board and seize control of the ship.

  • Roomy
  • These ships were composed of a port cockpit for the pilot, starboard cockpit for the gunner, main body that carried the clone troopers, a small galley, and a washroom. Thirty-eight jump seats hung from the ceiling, sufficient for an entire platoon. The seats retracted into the ceiling at the push of a button to convert from passenger to cargo configuration. The design was noted for its multiple exit points: fore and aft 3m-wide ramps, top and bottom boarding hatches, and port and starboard personnel hatches.

  • Heavy Shields
  • Because it was designed to close with the enemy to point blank range, either for boarding or ground assault, the assault shuttles were very well shielded. Most combat ships devoted 25% of their power to shields; the shields of an Omnicron-class took up a full 50% of its power, with over half of that directed to the ship's front arc. This allowed assault shuttles to withstand heavy damage as they approached their targets.

  • Hyperspace Capable
  • Omicron-class assault shuttles were both atmosphere and space capable. Their sub-light drives were fast and the ship was agile, both characteristics vital to reach a hot LZ. Unfortunately, their inertial dampers were underpowered by comparison, making them notoriously rough on the stomachs of passengers experiencing their first combat drop. They were equipped with Class 2 hyperdrives (Class 18 backup). However, their capability for hyperspace travel was limited. Their nav computers could only hold enough data for four jumps and they only carried sufficient stores for 1 week.



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