CR-30 Hull 175643 (Carries Unit 43)

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Hull 175643 is a Clone Wars era troop transport. It is one of several thousand in the service of the Nouane Commonwealth. The ship was stored in mothballs at Ryyk Nebula until it was reactivated during the Civil War. This class is used by all three branches of the NDF: Navy, Marines and Army. They are also a very common class of ship in the service of medium and small commercial freight lines, even down to owner-operated individual tramp freighters, because tens of thousands of them were sold off as surplus after the Clone Wars. This particular craft has been retrofitted to serve as a covert operations mothership. Because of its ability to change paint schemes on the fly and reprogram its ship identifcation transponder, the ship goes by a different name on virtually every mission. Because of this, the crew and passengers have informally named it Chameleon.


  • Type: Thing


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  • Can assume identity of NDF Navy (troop transport) - Weight: 5 |
  • Transport for Unit 43 (Chameleon identity) - Weight: 5 |


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  • Bevinn Lorrence - Captain of CR-30 Hull 175643 (tramp freighter) - Weight: 5 |
  • Omicron-class Shuttle - Shuttles for CR-30 Hull 175643 (carries two) - Weight: 5 |
  • Ian Mahoney - Commands Unit 43 from CR-30 Hull 175643 (ops centre) - Weight: 5 |

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