Marcus Caelius (Soldier - Healer - Diplomat - Businessman - Uniter)

Created by Stephen


Marcus is a Roman's Roman. Born a scion to one of the wealthiest families in Rome, he was trained by the best of the best in every field of study: reading, writing, rhetoric, philosophy, mathematics, war, medicine, poetry, and more.

With his father often away assisting in the every day maintenance of the Republic, Marcus came to see these wise and learned people as more than simply instructors, but as family.

Unlike the other rich Roman brats cough Crassus Jr. cough who saw these instructors as their personal encyclopaedias, Marcus was wise enough to catch the common link between his trainers; they took what skills they had and forged them into expertise out there in Orbis Terrarum against impossible odds where you either triumphed through mastery ... or perished.

With this in mind, Marcus knew that the truest path to greatness would be to forge his own story, rather than simply accept the one provided to him. He would need more than just good fortune to win over the people and even the Gods of Rome.

Against the wishes of his family he joined the ranks of Caesar's army setting off for Britannia knowing that it would be a long hard battle from the bottom to the top but that, as in the example of Romulus and Remus before him, there was no greater battle worth fighting.


  • Type: Character


  • Marcus Caelius has no faction relationships.


  • Marcus Caelius has no related territories.


  • Operates out of Clausentum (Home base) - Weight: 5 |
  • Citizen of Rome (Default) - Weight: 5 |



Marcus Caelius has no organizational relationships.


  • Ally?? Siculus (Knowing what it is that Siculus wants will be pivotal in the future. He is a great Ally to have, and could be a great enemy.) - Weight: 8 |
  • Ally/Future Campaign Manager Fearghas Nerviorum (Fearghas has a moral character that Marcus greatly respects, and could help save many by showing them the light of Rome.) - Weight: 8 |
  • Ally/Counter Balance/Flight Risk Thysania Agrippina (Thysania's radical mistrust of the system works surprisingly well to keep Marcus in check. Can they maintain that balance?) - Weight: 8 |
  • Enemends Marcus Crassus Jr. (If Frienemies are friends who0 don't always get along the Marcus' are enemies that know they have to be together... for now.) - Weight: 5 |
  • Completely Unsure Cogidubnus (At first Marcus was pissed. It didn't take long at all for Cogidubnus to earn Marcus' respect. Hopefully see him around.) - Weight: 4 |
  • Mandatory as Part of the Job Oblius (Doesn't even know the difference between an Equitus and a Patrician. How did he even get his job??) - Weight: 2 |
  • Ally/possible political partner Kaeso Messor (Partner, Ally, and Member of my hastae. ) - Weight: 10 |


Marcus Caelius has no organizational relationships.


  • Kaeso Messor - Ally Marcus Caelius (Member of my hastae) - Weight: 8 |
  • Marcus Crassus Jr. - Wishes to destroy Marcus Caelius (our paths lie together for now...) - Weight: 5 |
  • Queen Mab - Laid a geas upon Marcus Caelius (He must return to me soon...) - Weight: 5 |
  • Fearghas Nerviorum - Ally Marcus Caelius (Roman imperialist monster but hero against evil. The symbol of Fearghas' relationship with Rome.) - Weight: 5 |
  • Oblius - Dislikes Marcus Caelius (Equitus Prick) - Weight: 3 |

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Allies 15
Athletics 8
Favour 14
Gambling 2
Healing 12
Health 16
Preparedness 2
Pugilism 2
Riding 4
Sailing 1
Sense Trouble 2
Solace 9
Stability 10
Stealth 4
Wealth 16
Weapons 10


Battle 1
Local Area 1
Notice 1

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