Kaeso Messor (Soothsayer - Magic User)

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Kaeso is a tall (6'9"), gloomy, wizard with a distinct limp. His head is bald. He speaks with a slow, basso profundo (deep bass) voice. His skin is ashen and stretched tight over his skeleton. Kaeso prefers to wear a Roman white tunic (with the narrow red strip of the Equites) and toga when possible. Recently, he has taken to wearing Celtic plaid trousers under his tunic. No one is quite sure whether this is a serious style choice, response to Britannica's colder weather or some sort of odd attempt at humour. Kaeso wears a hardened leather cuirass over his tunic and under his toga. He wields a gladius and quarterstaff with considerable skill. A hardened veteran and Caesar's former bodyguard, he is still as dangerous with conventional weapons as he is with his recently discovered magical abilities.


  • Type: Character


  • Kaeso Messor has no faction relationships.


  • Kaeso Messor has no related territories.


  • Works magics in The Plutonium (Centre of necromancy) - Weight: 8 |
  • Operates out of Clausentum (Home base) - Weight: 5 |
  • Citizen of Rome (Default) - Weight: 5 |





  • Stone Masons - Client Kaeso Messor (Building the Plutonium) - Weight: 5 |
  • Priests of Pluto - Leader Kaeso Messor (Only priest) - Weight: 10 |


  • Cariactus Nello - Has invested in Kaeso Messor (Loan for the Temple to Pluto) - Weight: 8 |
  • Bethmella - Feels comfortable with Kaeso Messor (He also is trapped in twilight) - Weight: 5 |
  • Ivy - Familiar Kaeso Messor ("She" has bonded(?) with her new master) - Weight: 5 |
  • Ruffio Thrassus - Arcane instructor of Kaeso Messor (A most apt pupil) - Weight: 5 |
  • Fearghas Nerviorum - Ally Kaeso Messor (Dark imperialist sorceror, questionable motives but seemingly a reliable ally) - Weight: 5 |
  • Marcus Caelius - Ally/possible political partner Kaeso Messor (Partner, Ally, and Member of my hastae. ) - Weight: 10 |

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Game Stats:

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Athletics 8
Burglary 0
Healing 2
Legerdemain 0
Marksmanship 0
Pugilism 2
Riding 2
Sailing 0
Stealth 4
Traps 0
Weapons 8


Preparedness 2
Sense Trouble 4


Allies 15
Favour 1
Gambling 0
Solace 2
Wealth 8


  • Ritual: +3 to any ability per point of Arcane spent +time, +materials, +creepy
  • Drive: Patriotism: Rome has come!
  • Stability: Symbol: Chinese coin with a square hole in the centre worn on a cord around his neck
  • Stability: Solace: Rufio Thassus, his old master, an ancient, wizened soothsayer who serves Caesar. He resides in Clausentum
  • Stability: Safety: The temple of Pluto, currently under construction in Clausentum



Alchemy 2
Appraise 0
Arcane 3
Bargaining 0
Battle 1
Beasts 0
Bureaucracy 1
Charm 0
Craft 1
Culture 1
Diplomacy 3
Dungeons 1
Engineering 0
Geography 1
High Society 1
History 1
Inspiration 0
Intimidate 2
Linguistics 1
Local Area 0
Medicine 1
Military Lingo 1
Nature 0
Notice 2
Occultism 1
Omens 1
Politics 3
Preform 0
Profession 0
Religion 0
Reputation 2
Sense Motive 0
Streetwise 0
Survival 1
Tradecraft 0


Abjuration 8
Conjuration 1
Divination 8
Enchantment 1
Evocation 7
Familiar 4
Illusion 1
Necromancy (MOS) 8
Transmutation 3

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Although born the scion of an old, proud and wealthy Equestian family, by the time he reached puberty, his unusual height and bizarre and creepy appearance were drawing scorn and shame to his family. His father gave him a choice, eternal exile in some ... ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 28, 2015, 2:34 p.m.

Military Career
Despite his huge size and gangly appearance, he proved himself a capable and agile warrior. His height gave him excellent situational awareness (being able to see over the crowd), very long reach and an intimidating and commanding presence. He quickly... ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 28, 2015, 2:34 p.m.

Saving Caesar's Life
During the siege of Alesia, Caesar was inspecting the construction of the seige works when the Gauls sent out a cavalry sortie. The attackers fought through the front line and attacked Caesar's entourage. Kaeso dispatched several Gauls single-handedly... ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 28, 2015, 2:34 p.m.

Friendship With Caesar
After the attack Caesar visited Kaeso in the hospital tent. They spoke at length and Caesar assigned his person physician to oversee Kaeso's treatment, an act that likely saving his leg. During the six month long convalescence, the general visited him... ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 28, 2015, 2:35 p.m.

Becoming a Soothsayer
As the months of convalesce dragged on, Kaeso was desperate for something to keep his mind busy. He happened to make the acquaintance of the legion's soothsayer, Rufio Thassus, while trying to glimpse what his future held. Noting his keen intellect, R... ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 28, 2015, 2:35 p.m.

A Connection With Magic
Kaeso rejoined the Legio VII in time for the invasion of Britannica as a professional soothsayer, friend, and unofficial advisor to Caesar. Once in Britannica, he discovered a new, previously unknown, connection to the world of magic. With the aid of ... ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 28, 2015, 2:36 p.m.

Over the last several months, Kaeso has participated in several expeditions on behalf of Caesar. With each adventure, his abilities and experience in manipulating magic grow making him a more formidable opponent. ... Expand.
Posted by krmould on May 28, 2015, 2:36 p.m.


When Ivy is all grown up

Antonius, Caesar & Vorenus

Kaeso guarding Caesar

Equites Toga


What... What happened to me? Why are we here? -- Cogidubnus to Kaeso Messor -- May 26, 2015, 8:49 p.m.

Welcome back your grace. You have been bewitched by a demon for months. [Kaeso points to the body] This is the creature. -- Kaeso Messor to Cogidubnus -- May 26, 2015, 9:06 p.m.