Fearghas Nerviorum (Scout)

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At 15 years of age, Fearghas of the Nerviorum was apprehended by a cabal of the tribes's druids and set to burn in the Burning Man. As his skin began to blister, Fearghas heard whispers from the flames and felt the presence of something to utterly alien he hears them in his dreams every night. As the druids chanting reached a crescendo, a cohort of legions led by General Gaius Julius Caesar himself broke into the clearing, killed the druids and freed the few survivors, including Fearghas himself. He has felt personal loyalty to Caesar ever since, but more and more finds himself at odds with Caesar's role as a Roman conqueror.


  • Type: Character


  • Fearghas Nerviorum has no faction relationships.


  • Fearghas Nerviorum has no related territories.


  • Operates out of Clausentum (Home base) - Weight: 5 |
  • Citizen of Rome (Default) - Weight: 5 |



  • Ally Lamplighters (Seeks membership - they fight his fight) - Weight: 5 |
  • Enemies, or tools The Red Wizards (Dangerous mercenaries of unspeakable power) - Weight: 2 |
  • Admirer Celt Warriors (Hopes to join their ranks. Admires their prowess and warrior spirit, and envious of their straightforward loyalties.) - Weight: 1 |


  • Saviour Gaius Julius Caesar (Personal loyalty for his rescue of me. Sole reason for alliance with the Romans. Do I now have to rescue him from himself?) - Weight: 9 |
  • Mentor Divicaicus (Fearghas believes Dicicaicas to be a man of exceptional wisdom and power. ) - Weight: 7 |
  • Ally Siculus (A Celt in Roman skin - a warrior of simple and pure motives - the pursuit of violence with friends. But now...what is he?) - Weight: 7 |
  • Comrade Dairmuid (Noble warrior, hopefully one day a friend) - Weight: 6 |
  • Ally Thysania Agrippina (wildcard - not to be fully trusted) - Weight: 5 |
  • Enemy (secret) Hoab (Represents perfectly all that is wrong with such sorcerors.) - Weight: 5 |
  • Ally Marcus Caelius (Roman imperialist monster but hero against evil. The symbol of Fearghas' relationship with Rome.) - Weight: 5 |
  • Ally Kaeso Messor (Dark imperialist sorceror, questionable motives but seemingly a reliable ally) - Weight: 5 |
  • Ally? Cariactus Nello (Shady contact and possible tool) - Weight: 3 |
  • Admirer Queen Mab (Dangerous, inscrutable, yet strangely compelling) - Weight: 2 |


Fearghas Nerviorum has no organizational relationships.


  • Marcus Caelius - Ally/Future Campaign Manager Fearghas Nerviorum (Fearghas has a moral character that Marcus greatly respects, and could help save many by showing them the light of Rome.) - Weight: 8 |
  • Kaeso Messor - Ally Fearghas Nerviorum (Member of my hastae) - Weight: 7 |
  • Siculus - Ally Fearghas Nerviorum (All of the centurion and none of the bullshit.) - Weight: 5 |
  • Cariactus Nello - Has a tenuous alliance with Fearghas Nerviorum (Some common goals) - Weight: 3 |

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