White Balladonna

Created by SquidLord

Story Info:

  • Publication Date: July 24, 2015
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Setting: Two Flowers Coiled Nigh
  • Themes: dark fantasy, politics, religion, romance


For tens of thousands of years, the kingdom of úða berjumwas ruled by a succession of bold leaders, some Kings, some Queens, some Princess and Princesses of the most noble, all worshiping the gods of order and light, the ákveðinn. Now, the end of the gods comes slowly, creeping in the night, and the source of that threat remains unrevealed. Uoa Berjum is assaulted within and without, and none in the halls of power know who can be trusted.

Now stands arrayed outwards to the weapons of the Enemy: the Knights, Paladin, and Staves, swordsmen, warriors, and soldiers roused only partially from their internecine struggles. And inward slither the restless, empty eyes of the foe which demands only pain, not form, or shape, nor even power, only that others serve and die so they may suffer ever longer this vale of tears.


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