Created by jorganos

Story Info:

  • Publication Date: Jan. 25, 2016
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Setting: Runewelt
  • Themes: Fantasy setting for RQ3 plus house rules


Runewelt is a setting I created when I switched from Midgard (a German rpg) to RuneQuest. I always had wanted to do some Viking stuff, so I took the RQ Vikings box and created not a Fantasy Europe but a Fantasy setting with elements of the settings I had seen at the time and liked.

My main influences besides the design goal to provide parallels for the real world encounters that Vikings could have were Midkemia and Glorantha.

After creating a useable geography - the Gothan Sea, an inland sea between the Varangian homlands in the northwest, the empire of Poenis to the south and an archipelago of suitably island Celtic cultures to the east, with other cultures like those encounterd by the Vikings in the real world, I set off creating a history and mythology for that world.

All this work was done in German, on an Atari ST and stored on removable harddisks that I won't be able to access any more, so I will have to reconstruct what I did back then, and do some editing and adding that is overdue.


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