Created by christopherallison

Story Info:

  • Publication Date: Oct. 16, 2018
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Setting: Steampunk
  • Themes: Magic, Society and Science vs. the Darkness


New Queenshole As the new era of peace and prosperity fueled by the scientific advancement of harnessing the magnetic power of the “mountain lightning”, everything was changing. Integrated electrical infrastructure meant that each household could heat their homes in the winter, and cool them in the summer. The electrified roadways, provided means of “hover” transportation to most parts of the city, and the monorails connected everything else. For a brief moment, all the inhabitants were able to forget the chaos that the magical winds were known to bring.

Then one night, the sky rained down fire over the land.It lasted over 2 days. It destroyed most of the neighborhoods that had grown outside the mountain. To make matters worse, the surviving tribes of lizard men emerged from the swamp to set up camps in the ruins of those neighborhoods. The uneasy peace between the cities factions started showing its cracks. Then everything changed again when the first magical artifact was recovered from the rubble. Everyone fought over it. Others fled across the land in search of these lost objects of powers. With them came erie sense of the past. Critical thinking and innovation gave way to primordial superstitions of yesterday, and those in power started turning back to progress in favor of coveting the forgotten magic of ages past. The city has grown twisted with power struggles and paranoia.

One of the few voices to speak against this mouvement, Moira McSpanner, was a exploring scientist who theorized that this world is becoming an accelerating dynamic attraction zero point for magic. That the more objects of power arrived here, the more they would attract others. Not just from this world, but from other worlds, other dimensions, and even other timelines. In her manifesto, she called on others to find ways to rid the world of these magical forces, by any means necessary, before they tear the fabric of reality from itself.

She did not survive to see her words become actions. But following her passing, scientists from across the land, like yourself are waging a secret war against the rising supernatural forces. Your quest will most likely kill you, but the future of this world is now in your hands.


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Dr. Empedocles Crane

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