London Fog

Created by christopherallison

Story Info:

  • Publication Date: June 16, 2017
  • Genre: Science-Fiction
  • Setting: Post-Apocalyptic London in the late 1970s
  • Themes: Mystery, Loss, Remembering, Power


Mystery! (Stealing, treasure-hunting, conspiracy, etc.), X-Files "The Truth is Out There", Cabals & Conspiracies, Someone or something is killing everyone with powers for no known reason. The City - London. Geographic Scale / Travel (Amazing Race), Humanity - about people, Tabula Raza (those in the fog lost their memory for 1 month - give or take. Parallel universes. Low level powers, supernatural powers that must remain hidden. Ordinary people manifesting powers. Ancient relics or lost civilizations. MI5's headquarters is still inside the fog. Cool technology (with accompanying social concerns), Over-arching socio-political themes, ethical dilemmas, Explosions. Everyone wakes with a card - "You are formally invited to a reunion at 1152b, Old Grenwich Avenue." All at the police station - a week before the event. Wake up together. Different things happen in different places - in some places, people were fine. London Fog - did kill people. Soot. Pea-soot fog. Why did the fog come? Why is it here? Who did it?


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