Doors open London

Scene Information:


  • The Fog lifts over the co-op
  • Relic hunters descend
  • Cumbo Boys
  • Things got weird

  • Scenes of carnage - massive assault on Co-op

  • Bodies of beasts everywhere
  • Destruction and bodies
  • Automatic and makeshift weapons and explosives

  • Basement storage area transformed into a war room

  • Weapons, gear, maps, ammo
  • Dozens of computer wired together
  • Mist-chamber with multi-disco lights - hologram field - with playback

  • Photo of the team with another young woman - signs of the fight show that the Agents of the fog took her!

  • Robot Dog - 2B

  • She may have answers

  • Relics available:

  • telephone hooked up to computer that lets you talk to the dead
  • Hologram field
  • Socks...


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