The Plutonium (Urban)

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The Plutonium is being built on the edge of the Square of the Foreign Gods.  This location was the site of the climactic battle between the Hastae Tertius of Legio VII and the Lamplighters, and the “consumed” and their monstrous brutes.  It is also where they killed the little girl, who was the secret source of the corruption.  The temple is dedicated to Pluto and the undead that rose up and joined the battle on the side of Rome.
Kaeso Messor, soothsayer, mage and favoured of Pluto, dedicated their victory to his patron god and vowed to build a temple in his honour.  There are only a handful of temples to Pluto in the Roman Empire.  This is the first new one built in more than one hundred years.  Despite his vow and success as a hastae, Kaeso did not have enough money to build the temple himself.  He has entered into an “arrangement” with Cariactus Nello, a low level politician and reputed mobster.  Nello has provided funds and ensured the construction will proceed quickly, efficiently, and without any labour problems.
The temple will be impressive.  Kaeso wanted quarters for himself, priests, acolytes, guards and servants beneath the temple, an “Underworld” so to say.  He also wanted a laboratory, library and large sanctum, dedicated to Pluto, where he could research the magic powers he was discovering in this new land.  Because the square was close to the waterfront, it was impossible to dig down too deep without encountering the water table.  The sanctum was dug down just five feet before being domed over with stone, with a small iron-grilled opening in the roof to allow smoke to escape.  The rest of the rooms were built on the surface with vaulted stone, some with high windows, tightly grilled with iron and heavy oak shutters.  A thick wall of dressed local stone was built around all of the rooms and the spaces in between them were filled in with quick lime, sand, gravel and water, to create a simple concrete.  This created a massive platform, twenty feet above the square.  The temple will be built on top of the platform.  Fine limestone is currently being quarried and shaped by stone masons in Gaul and will be shipped to Clausentum in the spring.
Kaeso and small group of followers have moved into the partially complete Underworld.  The rooms are mostly undecorated.  Plastering, painting and mosaics will have to wait until the return of warmer weather.  Kaeso has only attracted a couple of men who want to become acolytes and priests.  There are a few slaves to cook his meals and clean the quarters.  There is one guard to watch over the entrance.  The Underworld feels like an unfinished construction site.  Only Kaeso’s bedroom and hall are even closed to a finished state.

Features: Temple, sanctum, quarters


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