Isle of Wight (Blasted and dead, twisted and corrupt)

Created by christopherallison


The Isle of Wight was once a lightly populated fishing culture that did light trade with the Celt tribes in the south of Britannia. 300 years ago, Vectis, after laying siege to a minor kingdom of the fae and butchering them, returned to the mortal world through a narrow-mound on the isle and brought with him utter ruin. The Isle of Wight is now the centre of Vectis' power.

The celts tried to drive him off several times, but failed utterly. By appealing to their spirits and gods, they have managed to keep the blight on the Isle from spreading, but the mystical barriers have started to crumble and gods and spirits have the Romans to contend with now... Features: Undead, twisted landscapes and beasts, nightmares



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    • Morr - Operates out of Isle of Wight (Home base) - Weight: 5 |
    • Vectis - Operates out of Isle of Wight (Home base) - Weight: 5 |
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