Ryyk Nebula (destroyed Imperial Navy Class II shipyard)

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Four battles were fought in this system over control of the Imperial Navy Class II shipyard, depot, training facilities and mothballed fleet. Originally held by forces loyal to Imperial Centre, it was lost to Zsinj's forces in the first battle, reclaimed Imperial Centre in the second battle, lost again to Zsinj in the third battle and then retaken a second time by Imperial Centre who has held it since. Before abandoning the facility to Imperial Centre in the fourth battle, Zsinj ordered everything of value (that couldn't be taken) destroyed in a scorched earth move. Fortunately, the most valuable items in the system, the mothballed fleet was evacuated to Nessem before the first battle.


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    • Admiral Jarok - Hero of Ryyk Nebula (brought warning) - Weight: 5 |
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