Little Coruscant (Wretched hive of scum and villainy)

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The planet Corsin, at the intersection of two great hyperspace routes (the Hydian Way and Vaathkree Trade Corridor), is the primary trade hub for the entire Nouane Commonwealth. It has a massive orbital station (High Port) connected to its terrestrial equivalent (Down Port) by a space elevator. The High and Down Ports are considered extra-territorial (i.e. they are federal Commonwealth space outside of the authority of the planetary government). They are policed by FEDPOL.

The Down Port is surrounded by the largest Startown in the entire Commonwealth. Startown is the generic name for an area occupied by cheap hotels, grimy taverns, and even less savory places, serving beings who are not quite part of either the local planetary community or the port, but associate with both: unemployed star crew and their employed brethren on leave, port labourers hoping for work, petty thieves and con men who work the port when they can get away with it, businesses that can't operate openly, etc.

Corsin's Startown, known to everyone as "Little Coruscant," because of its size and melting pot nature, covers an entire small continent and has a population of over 5 billion (!) beings. It is home to virtually every spacefaring species known, and a few no one has ever heard of. It is also a hotbed of crime, treachery, treason, and any other unsavoury thing you can think of (and many you can't even imagine).

The main thoroughfares are kept "as safe as possible under the circumstances" by the local police. The side streets are not for the faint of heart. The back alleys are for the dangerous, foolish or crazy (all three is probably more accurate).


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    • City on Corsin (around the Down Port) - Weight: 5 |

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    • Sprawling metropolis
    • Little Coruscant extends in every direction from the Corsin Down Port. With a population of more than 1 billion, some of its neighbourhoods are more populous than whole planets.

    • Melting Pot
    • Virtually any species can be found here. Most tend to cluster into species specific districts like Togruta-town, Caamasi-City, and the always dangerous Gamorrean-grid-square. Despite this, plenty of species intermingle and co-exist without a problem.

    • Rival Criminal Empires
    • Little Coruscant is home to hundreds of crime families, syndicates, mafias, and clans. They all fight to protect their territory and niches. The Hutt's control of the dockworker's union gives them a virtual monopoly on trade in and out of the High and Down Ports. It is very lucrative. They tax the other criminals heavily to get their goods on or off world. They also heavily support planetary political parties and have managed to get them to enact strict penalties for landing elsewhere on the planet. This has created a booming business in smuggling.


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    • Selgor the Hutt - Godfather of Little Coruscant (fingers in every pie) - Weight: 5 |
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