Corsin (Trade Hub)

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Corsin was a planet in the Corsin Cluster. The local year was approximately 0.93 standard years long. Corsin was a beautiful planet known for its love of life and for its swoop races such as the Plooriod 940.

Located at the junction of the Hydian Way and Vaathkreet Trade Coridor, Corsin is the primary trade hub for the entire Nouane Commonwealth. As a result, it has extensive starport facilities, with massive orbital and terrestrial sites.

Corsin, at the intersection of the two routes, has the largest Startown in the entire Commonwealth. It covers a whole (small) continent and has a population of over 1 billion beings. Known as Little Coruscant, it is home to virtually every spacefaring species known, and a few no one has ever heard of.


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    • Orbital starport
    • Corsin has a massive highport connected to the downport by a space elevator. The traffic in and out of the orbital facility is always very busy.

    • Little Coruscant
    • Because of its status as a trade hub, Corsin has a huge Startown. It is home to virtually every known starfaring species.

    • Wretched hive of scum and villainy
    • Because it is a trade hub and has a massive Startown, Corsin also attracts the very worst elements of Commonwealth society. The Hutt Clans have a very strong (and dangerous) level of influence here.


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