Bogden (Shadowport & Spice Smuggling Hub)

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Orbited by at least 20 moons, Bogden suffered from the immense pressures of gravitational tides, and the planet's surface was literally pulled apart. The few who called Bogden home were forced to adapt to the shifting, seismic terrain, though most of Bogden's visitors were outlaws on the run, smugglers, or bounty hunters. It was both a shadowport and a notable spice smuggling system.


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    • Unstable surface
    • Due to constant earthquakes, the surface is too dangerous to build on. Settlements are built on huge floating platforms supported by grav plates. This allows them to move (slowly) above the trees.

    • Shadowport
    • Shadowports were spaceports used by smugglers, ship thieves, and other criminally linked spacers. Quite often, shadowports were hidden to provide protection from authorities, with their locations only known to reputable spacers.

    • Spice Trading Hub
    • Spice was the name for a type of illicit substance or substances in demand throughout the the galaxy. Spice was mined at the spice mines of Kessel, where Wookiee slaves were worked to death turning medicinal spice mineral into a dangerous drug. Spice mines could be found in several other planetary systems throughout the galaxy, including those of Ryloth and Naboo. One variation of the narcotic was known as ryll, was mined on the planet Ryloth and had both scientific and recreational properties. Glitterstim and sansanna spice were two types of spice that could also be found throughout the galaxy.


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    • Planet on the Hydian Way (trade route) - Weight: 5 |


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