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Episode Summary

S1E01 - On a Raven’s Wing

Where the crew of the Odyssey take their first steps into a greater world. Sponsored by the Asimov Foundation, the Odyssey takes its maiden voyage.


Setting out - saying goodbyes Itaru - the Oracle On the far side of Jupiter - communing with the Oracle Inhabiting a class-B node on the Isabella research station Itaru’s question: should I be going on this journey Test - decipher song of the Oracles Failed with complications - massive information wave unleashed in the system - overwhelming research station systems and triggering fail-safe Heavily encrypted, many, including Itaru are trying to decipher the message Transmit self Thorby - Uncle Rudbeck Take bodyguard with him Gyges - Exalt combat morph Thor demures, not wanting his uncle’s agents on the ship. Then goes through his parents database to find another military contractor - finding Polcop. Ciaran - Von Folger Conflict - Von Folger trying to convince Ciaran not to go Warns of other interests and danger - will likely never leave the system. Test of conflict mechanics “Heinie” Von Folger wins, inflicting emotional stress. Ciaran fumes. Kristof Flashback: young uplift fox on station being bullied. Clever - turns small gang against their ringleader Before departure: meeting with Uplift Activists Lucius - the wolf Giving precursor technology to the Transhumans will keep the uplifts oppressed. Given artifact to ensure Uplifts aware of info Small metal cube - function unknown. Need only keep it… Dr. Mel - says goodbye to family & Dr. Frenkstein Doctor more animated than remembered Tells Mel about new research and that he’ll have more to share when she returns Very jealous

Thor wants to recruit Palcop The crew is split on issue of pay Thor and Itaru engage in logical war Itaru, already distracted from having 60% of his processing power devoted to parsing the Oracle’s message, backs down. Palcop is offered a position on the crew for a full share.

The new dawn Launch to first new fold point Several days into journey, Itaru identifies: Multiple attack ships on intercept vector Long, thin blades Almost nil radar signature - running dark Will reach Odyssey before the ship reaches the fold point Signal from Inner Planets newsfeed Object releasing powerful wave of cryptographic information The Facility, studying the Object in Australia was subject to a powerful explosion - may be destroyed The Odyssey runs, slingshotting around a gravitic anomaly, but the mysterious fighters match the maneuver and close the distance. The Odyssey’s drive undergoes a class 2 cascading systems failure as the engines are pushed to their max Kristof attempts to unleash the Farbright AI fragment on the pursuing ships, but it breaks containment, infecting the Holodeck. Kristof slams down containment on the holodeck Nightmares emerge, struggling for control The fighters launch missiles against the Odyssey as Thor activates the weapon batteries as point defense, taking out one fighter As the remaining two ships continue to close and the Odyssey systems start to go offline, Itaru seizes control over one of the pursuing vessels, and turns it on it’s comrades - destroying one from surprise and setting the other two vessels against each other. Fold! The crew breathes a heavy sigh of relief as the wounded Odyssey drifts through the void in a new system - somewhere in the universe. Tag scenes: Kristof - drinking whisky in remains of the holodeck Ciaran - In his lab researching Itaru - contemplating the Oracle’s message Mel - Gazing out the main sensor feed in wonder Thorby - Scanning the new system for any sign of the Raven