Note "Beorn" from The One Ring


While travelling the High Pass, we are met by Beorn and a number of his men - heavily injured with many dead. What happened here? Their wounds were caused by orcs... but then they told their tale. A tale of betrayal.

A troop of Orcs climbing the High Pass. The Beornings ambushed the Orcs - a fierce battle! Beorn was shocked. The Orcs fought in the daytime without fear. They were fanatics. Accompanied by Hillmen - royal guards and Gwadira. Gwadira surrendered with her guards, but later manipulated the Beornings to falling upon their compatriots while they escaped.

There are groups of Woodsmen extorting travellers as well...

We form an advance party and ambush the ambushers! I fire an arrow through the leader's hand while Rayne and Ingrith rush into the camp!