Note "AKA Gwadira" from The One Ring

AKA Gwadira

Daughter of chieftain of Hillmen. Grew up in Angmar. Mother powerful seer and well educated. Began training Gwadira at age 4 - 63 years ago. Unnaturally long life. Translated ancient text and found reference to the ring and the King's treasure. Spent 20 years, but found it. She's been working on this for 30 years - building an alliance of Hillmen and the orcs & trolls to destroy the Dunedain and the Elves and become the witch queen!

She also has plans East of the Misty Mountains. She wants to enslave the vale of the Anduin! She is in league with Scina! Leader of the Woodsmen.

It's been five weeks since the battle of the Angle.