Note "The Ring is Gone!" from The One Ring

The Ring is Gone!

We found our way in to the tomb through a secret passage and found that the ring was missing from the tomb and that the tower's forces had burrowed into the tomb - and the crypt was filled with weapons and armour! Also oil, supplies and other stuff. No extraordinary treasure, but we find some cool stuff.

The Lady has a room here - her Captain is Unin Shadowhide. The captain and two other officers set upon us as we search the rooms. They are fierce combatants - Ingrith is wounded, I was smote badly and weary and Belagorn was knocked unconscious. We were victorious, but very tired. Belegorn found a book of battle and poetry.

We escape the tower by fleeing into the woods and spend several weeks travelling across the mountains and the TrollFells. We return to Rivendell with letters from Gwadira. The letters reveal that Gwadira has been working to create an alliance between the forces of Sauron and evil men - on both sides of the Misty Mountains.

She has another fortress to the East! Her minions assemble an army to crush the Beornings and Woodsmen! They are also allied with the Great Goblin. Things look bad...