Note "Into Angmar... WTF???" from The One Ring

Into Angmar... WTF???

After hiding the bodies of the orcs, we travel North into the Ettenmoors... It was tough. People got depressed. We were hunted by six wargs and they caught us in the open. I slew the alpha, but the rest made it out of range when by bowstring broke. They started howling and TWO packs sounded a reply! We needed to flee. Fast!

Ingrith lead us towards a highly defensible outcropping - we climbed up. I was first. We had an awesome view of surrounding terrain. We saw there were 19 wargs... fuck. We slew at least 9 of them and the rest fled. We ran through the badlands and Rayne remembered an ancient Dwarven hold back to the South. He found the hidden portal and we concealed ourselves within. Several hours later, the orcs and wargs came - more than 200! They searched day and night, but couldn't find us. The orc commanders started getting really pissed.

Rayne began searching the halls and found a secret door! It lead down a hall to a ladder that lead up into the darkness.