Note "The Last Friendly House" from The One Ring

The Last Friendly House

We travelled forward to Rivendell, we were met by Lindor, the seneschal of Elrond. They heard we were awesome from our actions at the battle of the Edge. They invited us to take our ease at Rivendell, which was pretty cool. We are going to dine with Elrond tomorrow and they washed our clothes.d

We saw a young dude. I think he is Aragorn.

We eat dinner and then enter the Hall of Fire to tell our tale.

Belegorn sang of the Battle of the Angle. I sang of the terror of the dark and the brave men that stood against them. Rayne spoke of stories and hope... and how he lost his daddy. Ingrith told a tale of Bilbo and the Battle of Five Armies - where her husband was killed and she began her path heroism.

We showed Elrond our loot. He told me my dagger was cursed, which was kind of a bummer. But really, it was pretty terrible.

The next day, he asked us to another audience where he told us that the ring of Gwadira is a minor ring of power - a ring of persuasion. It had been missing for 1000 years, last seen in the hands of the King of Mt. Gundabad, once the greatest fortress of the dwarves. A powerful king.

Elrond sends us through orc territory to the fortress of Irkhar Kyg - where the dwarves king was entombed. The hold was walled up and the King lies within. The Coldfells - rife with Trolls.