Note "None" from Roma Britannica


They left through the north gate, with the red wizard in a nondescript cloak to hide his identity from the soldiers who were still counting their dead and dying. They spied a small mob around Salvadar, the dwarf they had rescued from orcs the previous day. He had set up a small workshop and was taking orders. The dwarf insisted on crafting the hastae something as thanks. They settled on a magically imbued gladius for Thysania.

When asked about the Order, the dwarf warned, "What the Red Wizards want we have no idea, and we have been watching them for centuries."

After a day’s travel the group reached the standing stones Mandragoras had indicated as the place he could open a portal to the flying citadel. The mage Kaeso felt a prickling sensation and concluded they were standing on a ley line. The group decided to let Mandragoras go, and set up camp to await his return.

The ever-resourceful Thysania had an idea to set a trap with the hope of capturing some beast of value to Rome. She spent the last hours of the day building a well-concealed pit trap.

What was caught in the trap was not what anyone expected. It was a winged reptilian creature with the tail of a scorpion, and it made a baleful noise as it thrashed about, trying to get free. Thysania was as still as the dead as they landed about her. The hastae had no interest in trying to kill or subdue them, and made their escape as silently and quickly as possible.