Note "Elden Races" from Eldea

Elden Races

The Elden are the ancestors of most of the modern inhabitants of Eldea. Through geographical separation as well as magical influence, they have separated into a number of races which have limited compatibility.

The most frequently encountered race are the Welden, who inhabit much of the lowlands of Eldea.

The Beholden are Welden subject to a transmittable curse which causes both physical and psychological changes to the victims, turning them into cruel and singleminded hunters and killers. They retain cunning, but lose altruism and aesthetics.

The Rolden are highland dwellers who celebrate a more basic lifestyle than the Welden, emphasizing their spirituality.

A number of hybrid races with Welden features exist, the result of ancient Elden magic:

The winged Sylden inhabit a number of regions with high roosts, provided by mammoth trees, cliffsides or sierras. As a rule, they avoid active volcanoes, though.

Nerelden have adapted to an aquatic existence and sport flukes rather than legs. They inhabit coastal regions offering grottoes and similar natural shelters.

Hoarlden are huge, furry relatives of the Welden that inhabit permafrost regions both in the arctic and in high mountainous regions.