Chapter 1 - Fire Season 1618


Gunnar and Tormakt are witness to a case brought to the Clan Ring. Astrid and her Husband Robsart are the victims of robbery (8 bushels of barley) and Astrid wants the clan to help find the thief. Gunnar and Tormakt volunteer to go and look. All present note that Robsart is particularly quiet. That evening Sora makes clear that she is keen on Gunnar and gives him a hand woven charm bracelet. Gunnar accepts the gift. As Gunnbar and Tormakt leave the hall evening has fallen and they see that the tusks and teeth of the giant Fairjowl boar skull are glowing blue (not a good omen) Ranulf the lawspeaker is summoned and watch is set to keep an eye on the skull. Next morning Gunnar\Tormakt and the Gunnar's companion Culain leave with Astrid and Robsart for their stead in the hills.Gunnar questions Robsart and determines he is feeling guilty but has not sto!en anything. As the group pass a neighbouring stead Robsart says this is Ergo!fs p!ace and he is wicked bitter old man. Upon arriving at the stead they are met by Astrid's second son Robbie he tells them he has seen no one come or go yet there have been more bushels stolen. Tormakt and Gunnar investigate the store sheds and find a dirt covered trapdoor which leads into tunnels under the hill.


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