Chapter 3 - Into the Fog


London Fog


Where the heroes venture into the unknown to save a friend. * James percieves the strange man in black watching the co-op * The heroes rest in anticipation of their voyage into the fog * Rebecca Walker arrives, warns the heroes to stay close * The heroes enter the maelstrom of the Fog - constantly changing landscapes and howling dimensional winds * The heroes journey through many harrowing environments: * Attacked by gargoyle * Through starship hallways and tunnels * Through a canyon of sentinel stones * Finally arrive at Seer Tower - to discover it's a space elevator! * Crossing a magi-tech looking bridge of souls, the heroes are confronted by the man in black - to discover it is Ronnie Pierce - Ste's father - who has been transformed into some kind of multi-dimensional ubermensch! * The heroes confront and defeat Ronnie, catapulting him off the bridge of souls and watching him plummet into the abyss!


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